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We have different companies with different activities

Lambers-Seghers : producer of animal feed : pigs, cattle and horses (horsemolen)

Agro Waasland : warehouse for grains and drying activities of taxus

CMN : logistic warehouse in the port of Antwerp

我公司旗下有从事不同领域的子公司:从事动物饲料业务的Lambers-Seghers;从事谷物仓储与红豆杉脱水处理的Agro Waasland和在安特卫普的物流仓库CMN。
Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size51-100
Citybaasrode, oeverstraat 7 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing

    Space application to agriculture and environmental management

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        Business Request

        suplier/producer of animal feed and ingredients, logistic services for distribution 动物饲料与原料生产与供货、物流

        Lambers-Seghers Belgium is an independent SME which produces compound feeds for the most important farm animal species (ruminants, pigs, chickens and horses), with the largest share of the total volume of feed production (approx. 120 000 tons/year) attributed to pig feeds. The company mainly delivers feeds to independent farmers and has a strong reputation in customer support, e.g. feed formulas are easily adapted to specific farms’ needs. Its facilities include machinery and logistic to produce small amounts of feed. The company is also involved in projects aiming at creating added value in meat production. A special branch is horsefeed (branch name Horsemolen), herefore we are looking for distributors

        At CMN Antwerp, we approach each client individually. 'Tailormade Logistic Solutions' is not an empty slogan, but a way of doing business. Service and quality are the two pillars on which our company is built. We Choose to work in partnerships with our clients so we can help them further develop their business. Therefore, dialogue is very important and we fully invest our time in being a trustworthy conversational partner.

        Our Services:
        - Warehousing
        - Handling
        - Transport
        - Import / Export

        Agro Waasland, is a suplier of ingredients for feed production, all kinds of ingredients or premixes.
        we also have the distribution of Aleurone a product of Cargill, a new ingredient, by product of wheat special for horses
        We are selling also dried taxus. We collect the green taxus and dry them in our warehouse, with a special drier for this aplication.


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        Cooperation Offered
        1. Manufacturing agreement
        Business Offer

        Aleurone - Supplement for horsefeed

        Aleurone consists of a single cell layer located between the endosperm and the seed coat of the wheat kernel. It remains attached to the bran fraction after conventional milling techniques have been applied. Highly effective milling and dry-fractionation techniques have been developed to separate the aleurone from the bran fraction (28,29,30). Depending on the applied fractionation technique, aleurone is available in different purity forms, aleurone Standard Preparation 1 (ASP-01) or the more purified more expensive form ASP-02.
        Aleurone contains several components, which are embedded in an arabinoxylan matrix (31). The arabinoxylan, which is the main component of the wheat aleurone cell wall, represents the fibre fraction in the aleurone on one hand, and on the other hand is the matrix to or in which several different aleurone components either are bound or embedded. Studies report beneficial effects of aleurone in 5 main areas: reduction of oxidative stress (11,13,32,33), positive immunomodulatory effects (18), energy management (34,35,36,37,38), digestive health (5,12,39,40,41,42) and vitamin and mineral storage (7,8). Aleurone consists of several different fractions, each of which can be expected to be partly responsible for the reported beneficial effects. To provide the necessary background to some of the bioanalytical endpoints used in the different trials, an overview of these fractions is given.

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        Business Request

        CMN antwerp- Logistic services

        CMN Antwerp is a company located on the right bank of the port. We have warehouses for storage and handling, and are specialized in loading and unloading of containers.

        Specialized in Tailormade Logistic Solutions
        At CMN we approach each client individually. Tailormade Logistic Solutions, is not an empty slogan, but a way af doing business. Service and quality are the two pillars on wich our company is built. We choose to work in partnerschips with our clients so we can develop together the business. Therefore dialogue is very important and we fully invest our time in being a trustworthy conversational partner.

        • Storage, VAL and distribution
        • Containers

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        Cooperation Requested
        1. Sales / Distribution