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Born in 2013, Didacto Servizi Srl,  offers administrative services, providing outsourced solutions to meet the administrative, financial, brokerage and marketing services to other companies

We provide Administrative and Fiscal support and resources. Our expertise includes accounting, enterprise planning and organization. Our experience is complete in assisting companies with meetings and events planning and organization, budget management, and vendor/supplier negotiations. Our results include cost savings, streamlining policies and procedures, and providing a single point of contact of all  business needs. Web marketing service, including website, social media, creation of web contents, is one of the goals we want to join to help our clients' websites to unprecedented levels of success. Through effective online marketing strategies we help clients  turn into business' most powerful lead generator.

We are also the owners of www.tripaz.net, a national travel research engine born to promote TOs travel packages. Travellers can easily find their preferred vacation, choosing by period, destination or kind of interest. All vacations are classified in 20 travel motivations.


Organization Type Other
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2013
CityMilano, via durini 23 Google map
Areas of Activities

Creativity, cultural heritage and local traditional food


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        We offer services to companies: opening of foreign company branches in Italy, administrative services in outsourcing, brokerage in purchase of italian products, import/export brokerage.

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        TripAZ is a marketplace that promotes tour operators packages. 20 travel categories, we promote travel by using social media channels . Our idea is to internationalize our marketplace

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