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DescriptionProducers of cured ham and typical salami since 40 years.

With pork Altobello Carni prepares many irresistible products following an ancient tradition: hams, salami, sausages and other delicacies. The hams are named after areas of Tornareccio: Monte Pallano, Parco, Fonte Campana, Mattonella della Torre, crudo di montagna, each with its typical characteristics and maturation. This line includes also culatello, speck and cooked ham. The salami, produced with meat of pigs entirely born, raised and slaughtered in Italy, are even more varied, ranging from the famous ventricina of Vasto, made with a hot and roughly minced mixture, to local typical products such as the spianata of Tornareccio, the soppressata, L’Aquila salami.

Also the range of sausages is wide: the traditional hot or sweet sausages and the so called angioletti and diavoletti sausages, until recent specialities like sausages with honey, Montepulciano wine, truffle, saffron or pecorino cheese, and finally sausages made with wild boar meat or pig’s liver. The range has been enlarged over the years with other delicacies: guanciale (pig cheek), bacon, loin, capocollo, lard, coppa di testa, bresaola (dried beef).

In line with the local tradition, all these products are very light since the meat is ground large and so the fat can be hardly hidden as is the case of the Hungarian-type salami or the Milan type salami. In addition, with this natural processing the weight loss percentage amounts to 38-40 per cent and this renders the salami very light even though dry.

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Organization Size11-25
CityTornareccio, S.S. 364 n.12 - Loc. San Giovanni Google map
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Agro-food manufacturing

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    Seasoned cured hams (prosciutto crudo stagionato) 调味熏火腿

    We produce typical cured ham and salami, since 1985. We would like to keep in touch with importer and distributor of Italian food product.

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